Starboard In Scottsdale, AZ

Our Team Members

Douglas Carlton

Loan Officer | NMLS#: 1006578

Doug Carlton is a Loan Officer at Starboard Financial, where Doug brings a wealth of financial and mortgage…

Gary Durrenberger

Loan Originator | NMLS#: 15809

Gary Durrenberger is a Senior Loan Officer at Starboard Financial, where he assists families in Arizona and Texas …

Chris Dallas

Business Operations Manager | NMLS#: 525346

Chris Dallas is a Branch Development Manager at Starboard Financial, where Chris manages the Scottsdale sales team, as well as his personal…

Sarah Atkinson

Loan Officer | NMLS#: 1403975

Sarah Atkinson is a Loan Officer at Starboard Financial. Sarah educates and guides her clients through the home purchase process …

Mary VIncent

Mary Vincent

Loan Officer| NMLS#: 162077

Mary Liebl has over 25 years of Ethical and Professional experience in lending. She specialize in the self-employed…

Scott Fickenscher

Loan Originator | NMLS#: 824263

Scott Fickenscher is a Senior Loan Officer at Starboard Financial, where he’s held positions in executive management, leading a national sales…

Baron Cox

Loan Originator | NMLS#: 33406

Baron Tyler Cox is a Loan Officer at Starboard Financial, where Baron originates loans in Arizona, California, New Mexico and…

Adam Hawkins

Loan Originator | NMLS#: 852996

Adam is a loan officer at Starboard Financial where he takes great pride in customizing mortgage solutions for each person’s unique …

Ryan McLean

Loan Originator | NMLS#: 1243538

Ryan McLean is a Loan Officer at Starboard Financial, where Ryan processes loan applications from start..

HR Mark Hufford

Loan Originator | NMLS#: 207926

Mark Hufford is a Loan Officer at Starboard Financial, where he originates loan applications for interested …

Courtney Coccaro

Loan Originator | NMLS#: 1728873

Courtney Coccaro is a  home loan consultant at Starboard Financial, where…

Troy Houck

Loan Originator | NMLS#: 473296

Troy Houck is a mortgage loan officer at Starboard Financial , where Troy works with customers that are looking to refinance…

Gilbert, AZ Office

Scottsdale, AZ Office

Gilbert, AZ Office

Scottsdale, AZ Office

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