Members of the military receive some inherent benefits for their service, such as the ability to apply for a VA loan. However, this is hardly enough compensation for the sacrifices they make for our country. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation and support for our troops and their families on a daily basis.

1. Send care packages.

Organizations such as Operation Gratitude collects items and sends care packages to members of the military who are on active duty. Anyone can get involved with this project by donating money or items needed for care packages.

2. Volunteer.

Plenty of programs are accepting volunteers to help with different projects that benefit veterans and their families. For example, the VA Voluntary Service enlists volunteers to provide veterans with companionship, transportation, end-of-life care and other services. Disabled American Veterans is also accepting volunteers to serve as drivers for veterans or to volunteer at VA hospitals.

3. Support wounded warriors.

The Wounded Warrior Project exists to meet the needs of wounded veterans and their families. Some of the services provided by this organization include career counseling and physical rehabilitation. You can participate in this project by sending letters, donating money or hosting events designed to benefit wounded veterans.

4. Help out the veterans in your life.

Most of us know at least one person who has spent time in the military. Show your support for these individuals and their families by offering to help out wherever you can, especially if the veteran was injured or is having a hard time adjusting to life outside the military. For example, you may assist this person by picking up groceries, helping him or her apply for a VA loan, offering extra financial support during difficult times or simply providing companionship.

Please consider what you can do to help the veterans who have given of themselves to serve our country.