When you decide to buy a home or refinance your existing home there are a lot of things to consider for both you and your lender. They will look at your credit, your income, whether or not you are buying your first home, your military status, and the amount of debt you have — just to start. You are seeking a loan that will best fit into your own financial plan. That might mean paying less on your loan overall. Or, it could mean keeping your payment under control. In some cases, the kind of lender you choose can make a difference as to whether or not you are able to buy the home you really want, or if you will ultimately watch it get swept up by someone who has the ability to buy the property outright for cash. At Starboard Financial, we are VA lenders who can help you make decisions that are best for you.

Playing Things Safe

While there can be some benefit working with a bank, for many, going to the bank for a mortgage isn’t necessarily the best plan. This may be especially true if the bank is large. The bigger the bank, the more automated the process will be. As a result, banks might not always be able to take the time to look at specific situations and identify programs that a borrower might qualify for. For example, not all banks are approved as VA lenders. A mortgage lender, like Starboard Financial, has the luxury of taking a more individualized approach. We can keep on watching out for you every step of the way, and we have more freedom to get creative when it comes to your loan possibilities.

Since the Mortgage Crisis several years ago, there has been an extra close eye on the banks to make sure they don’t violate regulations. A non-bank lender, such as Starboard Financial, can be a little more relaxed when it comes to offering options to borrowers. For example, there are many interesting options that a local lender can suggest, especially if you need a loan for less than perfect credit or if the home you want is in high demand the faster processing can mean the difference between getting that house and watching some “all cash” investor swoop in and take it. Because of our efficient loan processing system, we are able to close on the sale of a home in as little as 10 days, in comparison to a 2-3 months it can take with a bank.

All the Frills

Just because Starboard Financial is smaller than many name-brand banks, it doesn’t mean we don’t have the capability to fully examine each client’s options. We are experts at providing a variety of specialty loans for those who qualify. We serve as authorized VA lenders, and can also help first time home buyers and those who qualify for FHA, USDA, or conventional loans. And, with Starboard, you get personalized customer service–one of the other things that sets us apart from the rest.

To learn more about your mortgage options, contact us at Starboard Financial today.