Finding Your Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

Trust is one of the main tenants of the Starboard Financial philosophy. We feel that if you do not trust someone, you should not work with them. We have built our business model around establishing and proving to our customers that they can trust us through every stage of the financing process. To achieve the goal of acquiring your dream home, we believe finding and trusting the right real estate agent is equally important.

The process of choosing your one real estate representative to serve as your advocate for your home purchase may seem daunting at first, however we have found the following tips to be helpful in honing your search.

Communicate your Needs

This may seem obvious, but it can be easy to forget that it is equally important for your potential agent to get to know you as for you to get to know he or she. It may be difficult to open up at first with a person that you know little about, however giving your representative insight into your needs will allow them to show their expertise and ultimately help place you in the property that fits those needs.

You should be prepared to discuss your residence history, your family, your job, your interests, your risk tolerance, your spending habits, and your short and long-term goals. Pay special attention to the way an agent candidate responds to your long-term goals. This will be the most telling for how you can expect to trust them because an agent who has your long-term goals in mind will steer you in the direction to meet those goals rather than looking out for their own personal short-term financial gain from the transaction. Starboard views and treats our clients as customers for life and we believe that a real estate agent should do the same.

Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth is often a great access point for meeting new people. Individuals tend to do things in groups or as a status quo especially in making decisions. Social validation satisfies the basic human need for comfort during stressful situations. If someone you already trust is quick to reference a real estate agent, you should consider reaching out to that agent to gauge the fit. Target friends or family that have recently moved.

Not only are your family and friends’ validations important in finding your right real estate agent, but the agent’s previous clients and partners are crucial as well. Ask the potential agent for a list of references of their business partners in recent deals. Check up on the realtor and business partners on review websites such as Yelp and Angie’s List.

Interview the Realtor

Be ready to ask some tough questions of the agent candidate. Most real estate agencies will provide a bank of interview questions. Prepare yourself to ask these questions to get the conversation started but also be aware that the agent has been trained specifically for these questions. Develop questions that pertain to the unique challenges of your situation. Do not be afraid to put the agent on the spot and see how they react to the unexpected. Ask them why they would be a good agent for you and make them back it up with examples of clients with similar needs as yours that they worked with recently.

Keep your long-term goals in mind when you are interviewing the agent. If he or she is referencing back to your goals, you know your priorities are in mind. Ask questions about your responses to their questions. Doing so will clue you into the agent’s motivations. If you are not comfortable or if they do not have a response for your questions, they likely have not encountered your particular situation before. Above all else experience, insight, and trust are the qualities you should search for in determining the right real estate partner for you.

We wish you luck in your search and welcome you to reference back to these tips if you are not currently engaged in the home purchase process.

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