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Our Team Members

Jim Flynn

Chief Lending Officer | NMLS#: 324758

Jim is a Chief Lending Loan Officer at Starboard Financial. He has over 20 years of residential lending and consumer finance…

Sara Blodgett Waggoner

Loan Officer| NMLS#: 973193

Sara Blodgett Waggoner is a Loan Officer at Starboard Financial, where she loves her job because it provides me with the opportunity …

Cody Bryan

Loan Originator| NMLS#: 974896

I was Born and Raised right here in the Valley of the Sun! As I grew up, I’ve always been fascinated with the amazing growth…

Judi Gustin

Judi Gustin

Loan Originator| NMLS#: 249245

Judi Gustin is a Senior Loan Officer at Starboard Financial with 25 years’ experience, where she takes great pride in assisting home…

Steven Hamilton

Steven Hamilton

Business Manager | NMLS#: 1281090

Steven Hamilton is a Business Manager/Loan Originator at Starboard Financial, where Steven sees to the
day to day operational needs.

John Mullins

John Mullins

Senior Loan Officer  |  NMLS #: 1140418

John Mullins has been in Arizona since 1992 and graduated as a Gilbert Tiger in 2002. He has been married for 10 years to…


Daryl Edson

Daryl Edson

Loan Officer| NMLS#: 204968

Daryl Edson is a Loan Officer at Starboard Financial, where he actively helps clients restructure troubled mortgages and assisting…

Reagan Lester

Loan Officer | NMLS#: 300249

Reagan is committed to helping individuals and families realize their dream of home ownership.  Your unique needs and requirements…

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