What is a Stick-built Home?

Stick-built House

When homebuyers choose to build a house, there are three types of homes to choose from: manufactured, modular, and stick-built. The most traditional method of building a house is referred to as stick-built, which means the house is built from the ground up. A lot of homebuyers learn about stick-built homes when they first consider a construction loan, or if they are thinking about home construction in general.

But what does it mean to build a house from the ground up, and how is it different than a home made in a factory?

How a Stick-built Home is Different Than a Modular or Manufactured Home

Manufactured and modular homes are built and shipped from a factory. Stick-built homes are constructed on site. A construction loan is used to finance the labor, build, and materials for the home. The name stick-built means the walls are made of lumber and wood and are constructed by individual boards. They are the most common type of home that buyers build with construction loans. And they tend appreciate the most in value.

Stick-built homes are completely customizable. More so than manufactured and modular homes since they aren’t constructed from prefabricated materials. Since homebuyers tend to use a local builder or construction company for the project, they can work with them to modulate the design of the property. This also allows problems to be remedied easily since there is no fixed blueprint in place. Modular and manufactured houses are built in a factory and limited by both materials and the blueprint.

There are also cost-saving opportunities homebuyers might not expect when it comes to this type of house.

  • There are no transportation fees like with modular or manufactured homes
  • Less maintenance for the property
  • The home appreciates in value and builds equity

The Benefits of a Stick-built House

  • Because stick-built homes appreciate in value, buyers are building equity. They lower their mortgage every month while the home goes up in value.
  • Homes are a lot more customizable since buyers work with local construction companies, unlike modular or manufactured that are built in a factory.
  • Stick-built homes allow buyers to secure great interest rates for their construction loan.

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